Guest Aaliyah
Premiere February 4, 1995
  • Green Room: Josh's Dad comes to the show to support his son, but all of his support just ends up embarrassing Josh.
  • Mavis and Clavis are hired at a sandwich deli, where they introduce their "Rama Lamba from Alabama".
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • Coach Kreeton in "Oh Lordie, It's Gordie": A student's imaginary friend, Gordie does more than irritate Coach Kreeton (Kel).
  • A fan of Alisa Reyes's interrupts the sketch. Then, a fan of Kenan Thompson's (really Kel Mitchell, but this is not revealed) chases him in every sketch following, including the credits.
  • Crayopala Boardroom: Employees try to find a name for the latest green color.
  • Musical Guest Intro: Kel, Katrina, and Lori Beth announce that Aaliyah isn't ready and they will be performing instead. Josh comes onstage and scolds the trio for telling her the show was cancelled and "killer snakes were on the loose". He then introduces Aaliyah.
  • Musical Guest: Aaliyah - "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number"

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