Guest Immature
Premiere January 14, 1995
  • Green Room: The cast tells a scary story before the show, about a terrifying monster with a dangling eyeball and a pickle for a nose. No one is that scared, until the monster himself shows up to finish the story.
  • Teenage secret agent Jimmy Bond (Josh Server) must defeat Coldfinger (Kenan Thompson), a villain with a frozen finger from a milkshake machine incident. Coldfinger seeks revenge against the world and plans to blow up fast food restaurants with explosive hamburger meat. Luckily, he is too obsessed with pointing out his finger to actually do anything, and the world is saved.
  • Good Burger is selling a brand new item, Good Weenies.
  • A stylist on the show tells Kenan that she studied for over four years to become a professional cosmetologist. Kenan decides that he does not need school to cut hair. He practices on a very large sleeping audience member, who seeks revenge on Kenan once he wakes up.
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