Guest TLC
Premiere January 7, 1995
  • Green Room: No One's Ready: Kevin must get the cast members to the stage in six minutes, as the show is about to begin. Unfortunately, all of the kids are busy-Lori Beth is talking on the phone, Alisa is on a treadmill, Kenan is sleeping, Angelique is counting over fifty thousand jelly beans, Josh and Kel are in a hot tub, and Katrina is handcuffed to some stairs. Kevin thinks his job is lost, but suddenly, everyone rushes out, completely ready to go.
  • Ishboo's New Family: A foreign exchange student named Ishboo (Kenan) comes to live with a new American family. While there, he demonstrates some of his strange customs, including hiding behind furniture when someone sneezes, sticking your faces into bowls of creamed corn, and having parents wrestle each other outside.
  • Lemonade Scammer: Little Katrina scams a runner (Josh) out of his money by charging extra for a cup, ice, and sugar!
  • The Adventures of Superdude: Little Sally (Katrina) is trapped in the bathroom-but have no fear, for Superdude (Kenan) is here to save the day! He quickly destroys the door, freeing Sally. Sally's mother (Lori Beth) offers Superdude some brownies as a reward-but they cause him to collapse, as they are made with milk! Suddenly, Superdude's arch-enemy Milkman (Josh) comes in. He threatens Superdude with the power of individually sliced yellow American cheese! Little Sally comes to the rescue and eats the cheese, leaving Superdude to trap Milkman in a closet.
  • Lemonade Scammer: When a girl (Alisa) doesn't want to buy Little Katrina's lemonade, she offers her some free peanuts instead. The girl happily eats the peanuts...which were soaked in jalepeno pepper juice! Katrina charges a hefty price to help the girl.
  • Mavis and Clavis stumble into TLC's dressing room. While there, they teach the girls a new song-Creep.
  • Mavis & Clavis intro Musical guest: TLC - "Creep"
  • Lemonade Scammer: After their performance, the girls of TLC are thirsty, so they decide to buy some lemonade. Katrina charges them only twenty-five cents...and then proceeds to shove her pitcher off the lemonade stand. Katrina sobs hysterically thinking that TLC broke the pitcher, and claims that the pitcher cost $700! She takes a credit card from TLC and calls it a day.


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Ishboo, Sally, Superdude, Sally's Mother, Milk Man, Mavis & Clavis, Kevin

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Angelique Bates
Lori Beth Denberg
Katrina Johnson
Kel Mitchell
Alisa Reyes
Josh Server
Kenan Thompson
Kevin Kopelow

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