Guest TLC, Phil Moore
Premiere April 16, 1994

On April 16, 1994, Nickelodeon aired a sneak peek of the show All That, leading up to its New Year's Eve premiere. This pilot is notable because unlike other season 1 episodes (or any other missing episodes in general), it supposedly hasn't aired since the '90s and was never aired again.

Some notable differences are the cold open taking place on a playground instead of the usual Green Room, and intro. As the pilot it introduces several staple characters of the series, such as Miss Fingerly, Ear Boy, H. Ross Perot and Baggin' Saggin' Barry. Notably, Pizza Face is not played by Kel in the Ear Boy sketch, as Kel played one of the earlier bullies in the same sketch, their are also several bumpers with Sinbad and other celebrities dispersed throughout the episode.

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The cast hangs out on the playground before the show starts comparing their latest in hip footwear, including a pair of shoes that dispenses yogurt and has a built-in sound system. Katrina Johnson manages to impress with her pair that launches her over the Universal Studios stage.
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Soup: "Not quite live, but ready for prime time from Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida, it's All That!"

A different intro than would be featured in the main show, features TLC performing the theme song in their living room preparing to watch the show.

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The scoutmaster of the Jr. Badger Buddies tells his troop that they're lost in the woods. Everyone begins to panic, except Baggin' Saggin' Barry, a boy with an extremely large set of pants. He reveals that he keeps a vast amount of supplies inside the pants, including a lantern, the ingredients for tuna sandwiches, a tent, reclining chair, and even a pinball machine. Though the scoutmaster is jealous at first, he comes to accept Barry's help, and even remarks that he'd love to have a child like him. Barry obliges by producing a newborn baby from his pants.
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Sinbad: "Now that was All That!"
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Katrina is a bouncer at the most popular pizza place in town. But if you think you're getting in past her, you'd better think again. Nick Arcade host Phil Moore attempts to use his celebrity status to cut the line, but the bouncer is less than starstruck, and repeatedly assaults him until he follows the rules.
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"It wasn't me!"
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There are two Urkels at two separate windows, each one trying to prove that they're the real Urkel.
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Sinbad: "Who are those kids?"
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Little Orphan Annie tries to sing "Tomorrow," until flour falls over her.
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Miss Fingerly is watching her class when she notices that one boy (Josh) is chewing gum. She makes him spit it out by reminding him of her classroom rule: students can only bring in outside objects if they bring enough for their classmates. She tries to give the same lecture to another student (Angelique) who is listening to music--but the girl did bring "large radios" for everyone.

Things only get worse when another boy (Kel) comes in eating pudding (he provides a wheelbarrow full of dessert) and babysitting his little brother. Chaos reigns when the student calls in the ten other small boys he brought so that all of the students can have little brothers as well, the class celebrates by singing "Whoomp! (There It Is)," and Miss Fingerly submerges her head in the pudding.

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In a parody of 1950's B-movies, a man (played by producer Dan Schneider) discovers a strange glowing light in his refrigerator one night. The next morning, a cop (Alisa) and scientist (Kenan) console his heartbroken family (Lori Beth, Josh, and Katrina), who reveal that they have been eating nothing but leftover meatloaf for three weeks. The scientist determines that the food transformed into Gooey Left Over Refrigerator Pus, or "GLORP," a horrible creature that devours human brains (as proven when the father is discovered in a closet making noises like an ambulance).
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Sinbad: "I ain't crazy!"
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Annie tries her song again but is blown up.
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Earboy is taunted by the other kids at school because of his large ears. He seeks the guidance of H. Ross Perot, who uses charts to show Earboy's options: he can either continue to put up with the teasing, or flush himself down a toilet.

The announcer encourages the audience to tune in next week to see Earboy transfer to a new school, where he meets Pizza Face, Four Eyes, and Tinsel Teeth.

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"What are you looking at?"
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Annie is dragged off in mid-song by two secret agents
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H. Ross Perot: "Don't go away, do you follow me?"
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Mavis and Clavis introduce Musical Guest TLC who perform "What About Your Friends." Afterward, Mavis and Clavis discuss how much they liked the performance, and try to sing along.
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"Now that was All That!"
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Angie B. travels to the "pad" (literally) of Leap Froggy Frog, a giant amphibian whose rap songs are climbing the charts. Leap Froggy Frog introduces her to his "Fly Girls" (played by TLC), and shares the story of his hard life growing up as a tadpole. Angie decides to end the interview when Leap Froggy Frog starts eating flies in front of her.
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The cast ends the show, they have to split before their parents find out they've been there goofing off.

Performers[edit | edit source]

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Phil Moore, Sinbad


Steve Urkel, H. Ross Perot


Baggin' Saggin' Barry, Jr. Badger Buddies, Jr. Badger Buddy Scoutmaster, Little Orphan Annie, Miss Fingerly, Cop, Scientist, Earboy, Pizza Face, Four Eyes, Tinsel Teeth, Mavis and Clavis, Angie B., Leap Froggy Frog, Fly Girls

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