Age 4
Played By Kyle Sullivan
Occupation none
Full Name Unknown
Sketch(es) Bridgette's Slumber Party
Parents Unnamed mother
Siblings Bridgette
Children Unknown
Friends Gale



Enemies Claudia


Character Edit

Bridgette's little brother. Will often barge in on Bridgette's sleepovers, either hoping to get Bridgette in trouble, or simply to join them in whatever it is they're doing. He wears footie pyjamas and Kyle's signature round glasses. Claudia usually scares him away by whispering something in his ear, dressing him like herself or simply biting him. In one episode the girls try and set him up with a girlfriend so that he'll leave them alone. Elliot falls in love with an unhygenic and disinterested girl named Sandy (Shane Lyons), however just to torment him the girls force another girl, Kristen (Jamie Lynn Spears), to take Elliot instead, and Claudia scares Sandy away much the way she does Elliot.

Quotes Edit

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