Ep 1103-6
PERFORMER Kel Mitchell

Coach Kreeton is the gym coach at Dullmont Jr. High who constantly has pain inflicted on him; he once had his hand stuck in a waffle iron, and then fell out a window.

His catchphrases are "Goood" and "Oh, the life I live is sad!" Kreeton is also the cousin of Clavis. In a sketch during the All That Tenth Anniversary Special, it was revealed that he quit teaching at Dullmont Junior High because he couldn't deal with "those demon crazy communist children", even though Principal Pimpell keeps asking him to come back.

His retirement from Dullmont continues into season 11, as he's taken up other endeavors such as becoming a studio musician, playing trumpet, and producing several vinyl LP's of his own, such as "My Sad Life," and "Kill Me Now!"


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