Age Unknown
Played By Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Talk Show Host
Full Name Unknown
Sketch(es) Sugar & Coffee
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children none
Friends Kaffy

Ms. Piddlin

Laverne the Fern

Frenemies Wanda Hubley
Enemies Anyone who prefers decaf coffee or artificial sugar

Character Edit

Played by Kyle Sullivan. Male co-host of the show. Like Kaffy he is hyperactive and never stops moving. If he gets hyper enough he will sometimes crash into walls. He gets so excited when guests come on that he will run over to them and hug them, which usually knocks them to the ground. The fireman (Tony Hawk) however actually caught him when he jumped into his arms. He wears a red suit with a blue shirt underneath.

Quotes Edit

  • "Goood Mooorning!"
  • "My insides are crumbling!"
  • "Don't tease me Kaffy!"
  • "Sugar and Coffee!"
  • "We just gave her some of nature's candy!"
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