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Bridgett's Slumber Party was a sketch that ran from Season 7 to Season 10. Bridgett and her best friends, Gale and Claudia have a slumber party where they discuss various topics, usually chosen by Bridgett.

Her little brother will often barge into her bedroom and attempt to join the girls, much to her dismay, however he usually ends up dispatched by Claudia.

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Picture Episode Description
Bridgett's Slumber Party 01
Episode 703 The girls talk about guys, sniff Bridgett's new scratch-and-sniff hot guy trading cards (which Claudia eats), play truth or dare, Gale dares Claudia to do a silly dance to a song (she throws the radio out of the window), Gale asks which boys Bridgett has kissed (everyone) and Bridgett asks Gale what's the worst thing she's ever done (stay up fifteen minutes past her bedtime to read a book), then Bridgett dares Gale to kiss a hot guy, which she has an abundance of in her closet.
Bridgette SP2 Brittney
Episode 704 The girls tell ghost stories. Bridgett attempts to kiss her ghost, Gale tells the story of cuddles, a puppy who ate a huge bandanna split and had a really bad tummy ache, and Claudia tells the true story of her encounter with a dead squirrel she named "Deaddles." They then argue over the correct name of Britney Spear's new song, Claudia then summons her to give the correct answer, "Oops! I Just Ate Your Brain!"
Bridgette SP3
Episode 709 Bridgett wants to turn a nerd named Andy into a hottie, so she and Gale attempt to give him a makeover. Elliot comes in and says that he wants to be a hottie too. Claudia makes him over into a goth like her, and he runs screaming from the room after looking in the mirror. At the end Bridgette conludes that "Either you're a hottie, or you're nottie!"
Bridgette SP4
Episode 801 The girls try and find Bridgett's little brother Elliot a girlfriend. They have three candidates and Elliot chooses unhygenic and disinterested Sandy, but Bridgette forces him to go with Kristen instead.
Bridgette SP5
Episode 814 The girls prepare for cheerleading tryouts (much to Claudia's dismay), she then forces him into a cheerleading outfit when he claims he wants to "play what they're playing."

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