Ep 1116-2
PERFORMER Lex Lumpkin (Billy)
Gabrielle Nevaeh Green (Millie)
DEBUT 1116

Billy and Millie are two kids who run a channel on "life hacks." Millie seems especially scientifically inclined as she created a device to communicate with people from the past.


  • Episode 1116: Witney Carson/The Melisizwe Brothers: Billy uses a clip from a coat hanger to seal his chips, while Millie invents a device that allows them to communicate with Thomas Edison, who's impressed with Millie's invention, but not so much Billy's
  • Episode 1120: Bad Bunny: Billy makes a makeshift phone speaker out of a toilet paper tube and some plastic cups, and Millie makes a cloning device out of a flashlight wrapped in tin foiled filled with pennies. The clones then make an army to take over humankind.
  • Episode 1124: Queen Naija: Billy tapes dryer sheets to a fan to make a makeshift air freshener, and Millie makes a makeshift jetpack by placing a car battery in her backpack with two hair dryers.
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