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Ashley Final Appearance

Ashley in her final appearance.

Ashley is the short-tempered host of Ask Ashley.

She reads letters from her fans and gives them advice, unfortunately for her the questions are almost exclusively dumb and irrational, such as a girl sending a letter asking how to convince her mother to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the way she likes - with the jelly on top and peanut butter on bottom, as opposed to how she typically makes them with the jelly on the bottom and peanut butter on the top, and a boy who can't figure out how to stop his bike without crashing into walls.

She then screams the very obvious solution at them, and in one case invited the viewer to get closer to the television, and smacked the camera.

She would begin reading each letter by reciting, "Dear Ashley, thaaaaat's me!" which got so popular that eventually the live audience would say it along with her. In her final appearance on All That, "Stefan Favor from Willington, Wisconsin," took her to task over her demeanor, to which she replied that she wished him and her previous two letters, from someone who couldn't remember to eat, and someone who didn't know what a television was would blast off to "Planet Shmo."


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