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Premise Edit

American Idiot was a sketch that was a parody of the popular television show American Idol. Instead of singing, contestants would compete by trying to do the dumbest things imaginable.

Characters Edit

Polly Baboon: A parody of Paula Abdul. A ditzy woman who loves every contestant that comes on. She usually claps her hands wildly with a dopey smile on her face. She was played by Chelsea Brummet.

Mandy Smackson: A parody of Randy Jackson, Mandy never has much of an opinion on the contestants and usually ends every sentence by making exaggerated hand jesters. She was played by Giovonnie Samules.

Slimon Bowel: A parody of Simon Cowel, he of course hates every contestant that competes and usually gets booed by the audience. Sometimes he and Polly will randomly start making out. He was played by Jack DeSena.

Brian Peefest: A parody of Ryan Seacrest, he was the host of the show. It was often hinted that he hated himself due to his random interjections of things like "I'm sure I look bad in this shirt" and "my mother never loved me." He was played by Kyle Sullivan.