The "All That Cast Members," as the name implies, are the actors who not only portray a variety of characters in the many sketches of the 10-year run of All That, but also themselves. Cast Members of All That are usually between the ages, 12-17, while some have also been 10 and/or 18-21.

This list will consist of cast members who debut in each season.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

  • Angelique Bates - (Seasons 1-2) Though Angelique is one of the original cast members, she does not have a wide range of personal characters, her most notable role is Mandy from Cooking With Randy & Mandy.
  • Lori Beth Denberg - (Seasons 1-4) Very popular cast member, as well as the oldest cast member, being 18-years-old when the show began. Usually plays the adult characters. Her most notable role is The Vital Information skit along with, Miss Fingerly, Loud Librarian, Complaint Department.
  • Katrina Johnson - (Seasons 1-3) Youngest cast member at the time. her most notable role is H. Ross Perot in the Earboy sketches along with the Lemonade Scammer, & as the little girl who explains "Lactose Intolerante" to civilians in Superdude sketches.
  • Kel Mitchell - (Seasons 1-5) One of the second-longest running cast members. Known for his wide array of characters, voices, and personalities. His most notable role is Ed from the Good Burger sketches along with Repairman, among many, many others. Arguably, one of the most popular All That cast members.
  • Alisa Reyes - (Seasons 1-3) Along with Angelique, Alisa didn't have many of her own personal sketches/characters. her most notable role was Kiki in the "Island Girls," sketch along with taking Angelique's role as Penny Lane in the "Superdude" sketch.
  • Josh Server - (Seasons 1-6) The longest running cast member in All That's history. Known to emulate Jim Carrey. His most notable role was Detective Dan, along with playing Earboy, Bernie Kibbitz, among numerous others.
  • Kenan Thompson - (Seasons 1-5) One of the second-longest running cast members, and arguably the most successful All That actor. Also known of his wide array of charcacters. Arguably, one of the most popular All That cast members. His most notable role is Superdude along with playing Principal Pimpell, Pierre Escargot, among countless others.
  • Tasha Danner - (Season 1) One of the featured players.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

  • Unknown/Unremembered - (Season 2) One of the featured players who replaced Tasha Danner.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Angelique, left the show due to her contract ran out after the second season, and the show's move from Florida, to Hollywood.

  • Katrina, left the show half-way through the season, for unexplained reasons.
  • Amanda Bynes - (Seasons 3-6) Replaced Angelique Bates and took Katrina's place as the "adorable little girl," as Katrina noticeably got older. Arguably, one of the most popular cast members, in All That's history. Got her own spin-off, variety show, with "The Amanda Show." Her most notable role is Ashley from the "Ask Ashley,"sketches along with Gina of "What-Everrr," "Cap-N Tantrum," among others.
  • Tricia Dickson - (Season 3) - Featuring cast member. Replaced Katrina, mid-way through the season. Didn't stay long enough to receive her own characters/sketches.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Katrina, Alisa and Tricia have all left the show permanently.

  • Leon Frierson - (Seasons 4-6) Sassy little tweenage/teenage boy who asked to join the cast, while sitting in the audience. His most noticable role is Leroy from the "Leroy & Fuzz," sketch along with playing "Billy Fuco", and others.
  • Christy Knowings - (Seasons 4-6) Known for her various accents and personalities, Christy has a wide array of characters, and is often called the female, Kel. her most notable role is Jessica, of "What-Everrr," along with playing Ms. Klump, among others. Christy replaced Alisa.
  • Danny Tamberelli - (Seasons 4-6) Of Nickelodeon sitcom "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" fame, Danny is often the cast member made fun of, or ignored by, the others and sometimes assaulted. His most notable role is replacing Lori Beth Denberg in the Vital Information sketch along with "Jack Campbell, Fat Cop," Janitor Gaseous, among others. Danny replaced Tricia.
  • Zachary McLemore - (Season 4) Often was credited as a "Featuring" cast member for the fourth season only, as he appeared throughout the season in various sketches and even had his own character, "Mr. Trevell," an insane teacher at Dullmont Junior High.
  • Victor Cohn-Lopez - (Season 4) Appeared throughout the season as Ricky Ricardo in the "I Luv Lucy" parody.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, Lori Beth, left the show, feeling she was too old. Kel was missing during the first half of the fifth season, due to filming conflicts. He returned for the "100th episode" Live 1-Hour Special. And Zach and Victor left the show.

  • Nick Cannon - (Seasons 5-6) Warm-up act for the show since Season 3, Nick was finally promoted to featuring cast member to make up for the loss of Lori Beth. His most notable role is LaTanya, along with Sweaty Spice of "The Spice Boys," among others. Nick replaced Lori Beth, Victor and Zach.
  • Mark Saul - (Seasons 5-6) A young, funny comedian, was brought in as a featuring cast member this season as well to fill the hole left by Lori Beth. His most notable role is Stuart the Imposter, among many other sketches. The 2nd episode of season 5 is the 1st episode to feature Mark.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

Kenan and Kel both left the show to continute new ventures, leaving Josh as the only original cast member. Nick and Mark are both promoted to regular cast members.

  • Gabriel Iglesias - (Season 6) Gabriel, an American comedian of Latino descent/of Mexican descent, is brought into the show to fill the void left by the duo Kenan and Kel. Popular characters/sketches include: Bill Clinton, Ricky Martin's brother, Benjy and other minor characters. Gabriel replaced Kenan and Kel

Season 7[edit | edit source]

After a year-long cancellation/hiatus, a whole new cast was brought in, for All That's relaunch.

  • Chelsea Brummet - (Seasons 7-10) Chelsea was a part of the re-launch cast in Season 7. She is one of the four re-launch cast members to last until the show's cancellation after Season 10. Popular characters/sketches include: Abbey Rhodes, Polly Baboo of "American Idol," among others.
  • Jack DeSena - (Seasons 7-10) Often compared to Josh Server, Jack is also a relaunch cast member to last until the show's end. Popular character/sketches include: Percy Flavin, Randy Quench Volunteer Fireman, Slimon Bowell of "American Idol, among many others.
  • Lisa Foiles - (Seasons 7-10) Energetic girl, one of the four to last through the show's end. Popular sketches/characters include: Claudia, Kaffy of "Sugar & Coffee," among various others
  • Kyle Sullivan - (Seasons 7-10) Often treated as the loser of the cast, he too lasted until the show's cancellation. Popular characters/sketches, include: Harry Bladder, Buzz of "Sugar & Coffee," among many others.
  • Shane Lyons - (Seasons 7-9) Treated as the goofy one, Popular characters/sketches include; Murray the Roofer, The Rowdy Fan, and Shane also plays himself during wacky sketches like: Advice from the Old Lady in Shane's Mouth, as well as others.
  • Giovonnie Samuels (Seasons 7-9) One of the very well-liked relaunch cast members, Giovannie is the oldest of the new group. Popular characters/sketches include: Stacy Chit, Ms. Fishtail, and others.
  • Bryan Hearne - (Seasons 7-8) Cast member, who didn't receive alot of screen time, due to differences. Popular characters/sketches, include: Zigfree the Cab Driver, Lil' Fetus and others.

Season 8[edit | edit source]

  • Jamie Spears - (Seasons 8-9) After announcing her desire to join the show, Britney Spears' little sister joins the cast. Popular characters/sketches include: Thelma Stump the Elderly Bodyguard, Carlee of "Trashin' Fashion" among a multitude of others.

Season 9[edit | edit source]

Bryan Hearne, left the show, after disputes, though it was announced that he was beginning a "music career."

  • Christina Kirkman (Seasons 9-10) - The cast held the "R U All That?" contest, to find the "funniest kid in America," who would join the show. Christina won the title and the place in the cast. Christina is the youngest cast member in the show's entire history, and was very well liked by fans, old and new. Popular characters/sketches include: Poncy Flavin, Cindy Lou Roujenick, and others.
  • Ryan Coleman (Seasons 9½-10) - Runner-Up, of the "R U All That?" Contest, the cast allowed Ryan to join the show, mid-way through the season. Ryan, is known for having relaunched the Ed/Good Burger sketch, much to older fans' detest. Popular characters/sketches of his include: The Sprinkler and a member of the "LAMOS" superheroes

Season 10[edit | edit source]

Giovannie leaves the show because she believes that she is too old, Shane leaves due to an expired contract, and Jamie leaves after receiving her own show, Zoey 101.

  • Kianna Underwood (Season 10) - Kianna is one of the two last new cast members of the show, joining the cast during the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special. Kianna's only reccuring sketch was Kareena Jones, a senile Bus Driver.
  • Denzel Whitaker (Season 10) - The other one of the two last new cast members, Denzel joined the cast of All That before it's cancellation, during the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special. Denzel's sketches include: Jeff Bester Safety Tester, Harry Snuffer, Cupid and others.
  • Lil' JJ (Season 10), was a young comedian, who brought back, Vital Information, and performed the famous sketch in every episode of the 10th Season, though he was only credited as a "Guest Star," and had no other position in the show.

Season 11[edit | edit source]

A new cast was brought in for the 2019 reboot, after a 14 year cancellation/hiatus. Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, and Lori Beth Denberg return as recurring cast members, also their first appearance since the 10th Anniversary Show.

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