Action League

Action League Now! was a Nicktoon, that began as a sketch on All That. Only two shorts appeared on the show, before it was moved to contemporary series, KaBlam! and eventually spun off into it's own series. A third sketch was aired prior to screenings of Good Burger.

The sketch follows hapless superheroes composed of various dolls and action figures. The show was animated in a mix of stop-motion and live shots where figures were simply thrown or dropped into frame called nicknamed "Chuckimation."

Picture Episode Description
Action League 1
Episode 111 "I've Been Working On De-Rail Road": The Action League team investigates a rash of railroad wrecks.
Action League 2
Episode 115 "Stinky on Ice": Stinky Diver gets trapped in gelatin after saving a kid.
Action League 3
Good Burger "Rock-a-Big Baby": A giant baby terrorizes a rock concert.


The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky Diver, Meltman

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